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1.「真のホスピタリティ精神とは」「外国人にとっての日本の魅力とは」 等のテーマについての探求・ディスカッション








代表 山口剛司
<Establishment Purpose>
Looking ahead to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olmpics, our aim is to pursue the question of how to cultivate the Japanese spirit of “omotenashi” at the private sector level, that will leave visitors to Japan a desire to want to come back to visit again.
Alongside continual investigation and analysis of what “high quality service” looks like in the eyes of foreign visitors, we offer education to individuals and groups on how to deliver corresponce with warmth, impeccability and sincerity.
<Activity Contents>
・What is the Japanese spirit of “omotenashi”? Looking into what aspects of Japan appeal to foreigners, and what kinds of reception lead to customer satisfaction
・Providing theory necessary for the practice of hospitality, offering opportunities for the practice of hospitality
・Individuals approved by the IOC as having attained a certain level of service proficiency will be given the title of “Ambassador of Hospitality”
<Details of Activity>
・Clean Up Tokyo Western Division (Picking up litter)
・Seminars on the spread of hospitality and learning theory on hospitality, administrative planning of study groups・Interchange with foreigners, attitude surveys, interviews.
・Provide opportunities for language study
・Administration of the Hospitality Competency Test

<Who is this service for?>
Students living in or attending school in in the Tokyo Western Division.
Individuals or organisations interested in “international”, “volunteer”, “Olympics”.

〈Representative Profile〉

Representative of corporation Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi

Graduate of the Nippon University Law Faculty. Starting in university, Yamaguchi has served as the head of a student international interchange organisation, actively taking part in various activities for the promotion of the regional community, such as reviving the traditional Japanese art of “YOSAKOI”, and working as a volunteer to assist in the interchange between Japanese and overseas students, among other things.
After working in the marketing room of the management and planning division at a large consulting company, Yamaguchi transferred to the customer center at a large manufacturer of electric appliances, where he currently works. At the same time, he serves as the representative of the general incorporated assocation International Omotenashi Council (IOC) , an initiative which Yamaguchi started to train human resources sought after by the global community.
〈 Greetings from the Representative〉
The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, a decision influenced by the appeal of “omotenashi”, the ancient spirit of hospitality deeply rooted in Japanese society.
During the period of the Olympics, I have a strong feeling that many people will come and visit Japan not just to spectate the games, but also in order to see with their own eyes what this Japanese spirit of “omotenashi” is all about.
During my time as a student, I visited various Asian countries such as China and Korea during my involvement with “YOSAKOI”. In my experience, I was deeply impressed at the enthusiastic “omotenashi” reception from the locals, and the impression I had of the country changed phenomenally.
Out of a desire to offer to the visitors to Japan during the Tokyo Olympics a taste of the Japanese spirit of “omotenashi” that will impress them and leave in them the desire to want to come back to visit again, I came to start the International Omotenashi Council (IOC) initiative.
My aspiration is to contribute to the success of the Olympics and eventually to the development of the globalization of Japanese society, by working primarily with the youth who carry the future in deepening relations with both the local and international communities, while working on defining “the Japanese spirit of omotenashi” and training human resources that embody its essence.
General incorporated assocation International Omotenashi Council (IOC)
Representative Tsuyoshi YamaguchI